Cleddau Reach VC Primary School
Deerland Road
Haverfordwest SA62 4NG

Cleddau Reach VC Primary School Who's Who

Welcome to the Cleddau Reach staff gallery:

Mr Nick Groves Headteacher
Mr Nick Groves
Mrs Sharon Woodward Deputy Headteacher
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Sharon Woodward

Class Teachers

Mrs Clare Thomas Class 1
Class 1
Mrs Clare Thomas
Miss Jodie Logue Class 2
Class 2
Miss Jodie Logue
Miss J Eldred Class 3
Class 3
Miss J Eldred
Mrs Michelle Evans Class 4
Class 4
Mrs Michelle Evans
Mrs Danielle Ellis
 Class 5
Class 5
Mrs Danielle Ellis
Mrs Deborah James Class 6
Class 6
Mrs Deborah James
Mrs Sharon Woodward Class 7
Class 7
Mrs Sharon Woodward
Mr Ricky Pearson Class 8
Class 8
Mr Ricky Pearson
Mrs Sara McLoughlin PPA  cover teacher
PPA cover teacher
Mrs Sara McLoughlin

Support Staff

LSA– Learning Support Assistant,LTS – Lunchtime Supervisor, BCS – Breakfast Club Supervisor, MCA – Meals Clerical Assistant

Mrs Mandy Blyth LSA/LTS/BCS/Kids Club Supervisor
LSA/LTS/BCS/Kids Club Supervisor
Mrs Mandy Blyth
Mrs Lisa Brock HLTA/LTS/SCPO
Mrs Lisa Brock
Mrs Tina Carew Admin Officer
Admin Officer
Mrs Tina Carew
Ms Mandie Davies LSA/LTS
Ms Mandie Davies
Mrs Jane Davies LSA
Mrs Jane Davies
Miss Lauren Fair LSA/LTS
Miss Lauren Fair
Mrs Debbi Lawson-Earley LSA/BCS/Kids Club Supervisor
LSA/BCS/Kids Club Supervisor
Mrs Debbi Lawson-Earley
Mrs Anne Lewis Kids Club Leader
Kids Club Leader
Mrs Anne Lewis
Mrs Diane Mathias LSA
Mrs Diane Mathias
Miss Diane Morgan LSA/BCS
Miss Diane Morgan
Mrs Tessa Nicholas LSA
Mrs Tessa Nicholas
Mrs Helen Jones LSA
Mrs Helen Jones
Mrs Beryl Rees Clerk/Admin/LSA
Mrs Beryl Rees
Site Manager Mrs Sally Nowell
Mrs Sally Nowell
Site Manager
Mrs Lucy Gray LSA/LTS
Mrs Lucy Gray
Mrs Julia Withers LSA
Mrs Julia Withers
Mrs Kim Lewis Cook in Charge
Cook in Charge
Mrs Kim Lewis
Mrs Amy Mayman MCA/Catering Assistant
MCA/Catering Assistant
Mrs Amy Mayman
Miss Antoinette Stockford Cleaner in Charge/Catering Assistant
Cleaner in Charge/Catering Assistant
Miss Antoinette Stockford